Foundation 5Rhythms Montreal June 14-16


A 5Rhythms Movement Meditation Workshop with Erik Iversen

produced by Lynne Adams

june 14-16, 2019

‘Put Your Mind in your Feet and Your Body in the beat”
Gabrielle Roth 1979

“Think of the magic of the foot, comparatively small, upon which your whole weight rests. It's a miracle and the dance is a celebration of that miracle.”
Martha Graham




Espace Saint-André
1881, rue Saint-André, Montréal (

The studio is located on the 3rd floor of Theatre l’Escaouette and features a rock maple sprung floor, perfect for dancing! There is plentiful parking on-site, and the building and studio are fully accessible with an elevator as well as stair-access.

Friday, June 14, 7;00pm-10;00pm
Saturday, June 15, 12:00pm-6:00pm
Sunday, June 16, 10:30am-3:30pm

Cost:$275, {Friday, saturday only are possible}

Info & registration: 514-928-7854

Please contact Lynne Adams to register at 
Payment options: cash, cheque, e-transfer 

During this 5Rhythms event we shall explore proprioception, sensations and balance as we establish a new relationship to gravity - the feeling of having our feet under us. We will also experience the liberating energy of conscious breathing. Together and alone, while moving and dancing, we will discover our foundation for playful presence in the moment and create a new story about being creative and sat home in our bodies.

The body shapes your home from your first breath and your first encounters with gravity. From my observation many of us exist solely in the mind, obsessed with thoughts and figuring “it” out.

By giving our attention to the foundation we awaken and balance the intelligence in the heart and the “guts” to increase our movement language and our creativity as a whole being. By noticing and being aware of our body sensations to outer stress we can then liberate the holding and increase our energy.

We balance ourselves over our magic feet. In relationship to gravity our feet provide us with the only source of contact with ground while walking. We shall investigate our full body’s relationship to our feet. Using the 5Rhythms as a guide to multiple ways of expressing ourselves to the beat, we will awaken deep curiosity of the life force flow of energy. Alignment, balance, planes of movement and the core will be investigated in a fun playful environment.

No previous experience is required in order to participate. This workshop counts towards 5Rhythms Teacher Training Waves prerequisites.

Nos pieds sont magiques. Ils sont notre seul contact avec le sol lorsqu’on marche.
Cet atelier est une investigation de la relation de nos pieds à notre corps, où nous établirons une nouvelle relation avec la gravité: proprioception, sensations, équilibre. Et l’énergie libératrice d’une respiration consciente.
Guidés par les 5Rythmes, nous éveillerons les flots profonds d’énergie vitale, l’intelligence qui réside dans nos coeur et nos tripes, pour accroître notre language corporel et libérer la créativité en nous.
Par le mouvement et la danse nous découvrirons la fondement de notre présence en chaque instant, ainsi que des nouvelles histoires pour définir notre créativité et être à l’aise en nos corps.
Alignement, équilibre, niveaux de mouvement et notre centre seront explorés d’une façon enjouée et chaleureuse.
Ouvert à tous, aucune expérience préalable requise.
Cet atelier compte pour les pré-requis du 5R Teacher Training.

About Erik Iversen
"I've been a 5Rhythms teacher and a practitioner of Heller work Structural Integration for over 30 years. I am very fortunate that have co-founded the very first 5Rhythms Teacher's Training in 1988, and I am teaching at the most recent Teacher's Training in May 2019. Through this span of 30 years, I've continued to be committed to playfully awakening the body-mind connection. My teaching is essentially an invitation and an expression of self-love through dancing, feeling and being. In 2015, I graduated from the 2-year Transformational Leadership Program at the Hendricks Institute Leadership, and have incorporated the tools and wisdom of those practices into my teaching."