Connecting in movement


"Working with Erik's unique combination of movement, awareness and breath has been transformative and really helpful in naming patterns in my body and reclaiming balance in my stance, my walk/posture and my breath. Being able to tap into the power in my core - feeling it, first, expressing it, and finally use it to fuel my actions in my life. I am grateful also for the emotional release that comes naturally when I am taught to  pay attention in a very gentle, playful and loving way to my body's patterns, pain or needs."  S.M.B.  Artist


Having practiced Hellerwork Structural Integration since 1986 Erik has worked on thousands of people and he has developed a unique approach to the way he inhabits his own body as well as how teaches embodiment. A gifted dancer, athlete and teacher of movement Erik creates a safe “laboratory”-like setting for exploration, learning and healing. As a result of his experiencing leading dynamic workshops with people ranging from the age of 4 years old to 90 years old Erik is able to relate to many diverse participants. On top of his clinical experience Erik’s attitude and spirit provide an example of playfulness and creativity.


In the field of Movement /Bodywork Erik has danced a path of unparalleled success through his empirical approach.


“Erik is a brilliant , sensitive, informed and inspired healer. His hands listen deeply and he sees the body with tender loving truth”…Gabrielle Roth author: Sweat Your Prayers.


And Rex Jarrel founder of the Yoga Barn on Martha’s Vineyard  states…

“I’ve embraced major transitions in my life in the past year and Erik’s work has supported my evolution as a person through changing professions to connecting with people to embodying myself as I’ve always wanted to be. I can’t recommend anything more highly than working with Erik for wellness.”


And William Russell, a contractor says… “ Erik’s astonishing durability has yielded a depth of knowledge unparalleled in the bodywork field.”


“Bringing people together in a rhythmic tribal atmosphere creates a unique experience of communication and learning that reaches back to the nights of our ancestors, as they gathered around the fire to the beat of the drum. A weekend like this creates the reunion of body mind and spirit on the path of individual integration and group unity” ...Erik states with wonder.


These workshops are a rare opportunity to explore, expand and experience new ways of living in integrated self-awareness.