Freeing the Creative Spirit


My Life Mission


Teaching people to experience the pulsating the sensual energy inside themselves and to awaken their connection to flowing breath, to rooted feet and to a centered alive pelvis – reach up, root down, live in the heart center.


How did a former serious almost professional hockey player get to a life mission that went so far beyond my twice broken nose and missing and replaced front tooth? {Necessary pre-requisite for a serious hockey player.}


Yes a good question.


Well in my late twenties, I hit a wall involving life and death. This experience didn’t prevent me continuing a passion for sports and movement; however I did shift my values from chasing a puck to pursuing love of life, health and a passion for consciousness through movement.


How did I change??


This value shift led me to the importance of feet, foundation and my relationship to the ground, the planet and the all important present moment.  My first son was born at the same time, I left my school-teaching job, started studying and practicing Reflexology and became, like John Lennon, a house husband – grounded in diapers and dishes. I received Rolfing, acupuncture, and changed my relationship to food.


By staying home with a newborn, by a lake in the rolling hills south of Montreal, I slowed down and learned to take care of myself and my infant son. And I met many fellow house parents and started to develop my feminine energy, through play, yoga and soon the next step, dance.


A dancing hockey player?


 I travelled to New York City for a 5 week intensive with the founder of 5Rhythms, Gabrielle Roth. Dancing every day for 5 weeks broke my armor and things fell apart. I discovered what connected my feet to my head in a whole exciting, dynamic fun and playful way. My hockey wounds led to my pathway of awareness and healing.


What transformation?


Through dancing and subsequently lightening up I discovered feelings and emotions – previously blocked and over-ridden by a macho-attitude. Not only did I find hidden anger, sadness and fear but also I discovered where I experienced pleasure and intimacy… by massaging feet and dancing… so I “followed my bliss “as Joseph Campbell suggests.


I found and became certified in Hellerwork Structural Integration after Reflexology. Since my training over 25 years ago I’ve given over 10,000 sessions of bodywork. As well I initiated and participated in the first 5Rhythm training in 1988, I’ve taught hundreds of movement classes and workshops to people of all ages.


All that to say… I am masterful in the realm of the body, movement, expression and play!! 


I am committed gracefully to educating in a playful dynamic atmosphere. I invite people who are ready to learn, transform and feel wellness as a daily right.