Transforming Your Bodymind



Bodywork/Structural Integration

Bodywork/Movement Education/Dialogue


Each session of Structural Bodywork includes 60-75 minutes of working with the connective tissue to re-align the entire Musculo-skeletal structure restoring balance and ease to the body.

The Movement Education process guides you to move in ways that minimize effort and tension while maintaining and improving the bodywork results.

The Dialogue process leads you to explore how thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and feelings impact in and through your body empowering you to take the results out and into your life.

Individual Sessions


When I have a client come to me for bodywork I’m excited when I know they are ready to be responsible for their transformation and prepared to explore the way they think and feel about themselves and their body. As someone who has worked intimately with people for 30 years I know I am an agent for change, a coach and an educator. Through my elevated awareness of my structure, alignment and balance I can see and feel my clients state of being clearly. With my hands connected to my full intelligence I speak to my client’s, fascia, bones, ligaments, energy, emotional anatomy and muscle memory. Then I watch with the eyes of my Pedestrian Choreographer to notice and share the results and shifts of bodymind consciousness we together see and feel after a hands on session.




Sessions with Erik have resulted in:


  • A release from tension and chronic pain
  • More energy
  • More awareness of the bodymind
  • Being more grounded and centered
  • Increased breath capacity
  • Length and suppleness in the connective tissue
  • Renewed healing of old injuries
  • Transformation 



Bodywork Services

Returning to Montreal after 15 years working on the island of Martha’s Vineyard and in the city of New York, I am looking for clients committed to wellness, embodiment and transformation through awareness.


I am offering:  


Sessions of 75-90 minutes for $120.00


A series of 10 sessions of Hellerwork Structural Integration – $1000.00 

And two free 5Rhythms classes.


A series of 5 sessions of Hellerwork Structural Integration – $550.00

And one free 5Rhythms class.


A series of 3 sessions of Hellerwork Structural Integration – $325.00

And one free 5Rhythms class.


In my experience integrating bodywork is best done through movement and 5Rhythms classes are the best way to explore and learn about movement.