Since my first magical experience in a room in Montreal in 1980 with my teacher Gabrielle Roth as the leader I have grown to see the relationship of dance and expression to a powerful form of creativity involving the human spirit in the purest form. Each joint of the structural body holds a story, a memory; and as the dance of the 5Rhythms unfolds, the body, the bones and the muscles start to come together and create a coherent expression of the whole person.


5Rhythm movement and creative expression workshops are designed to be laboratories for exploring – for daring to investigate – new directions, new shapes, new movements. Ideally these learning environments are like mini planets of light . And so, as Gabrielle Roth has said, we come together to “pray body and sweat our prayers.” We create space from our chattering minds and give ourselves over to the freer body and mind experience of ecstatic,rhythmic dancing. 


And so we the dancers are seen and we see, as performer and audience at the same time, a moment to come out of the chains of our belief systems that have kept us from experiencing the freedom in the space around us, from feeling the natural rhythms that move our sensual bodies. Unmasking, breaking through these inhibitions opens the path to empowerment by reconnecting breath to body, freeing the body to dance the dance of a spiritual warrior. Whether we dance alone, in partnership, or as a tribe, these safe spaces hold great opportunity for healing the realms of relationship wounds through movement: without words or complicating theories we reach and touch our resistance and pain, love and sadness and move through them to integration and wholeness.